Monday, October 10, 2005

Do not ever discount a woman scorned!!! My theory is and always has been -

Barbara Bush wanted her husband vindicated for the First Gulf War.

She therefor set out to get one of her sons elected - namely ignorant George!

She needed someone to get him elected - voila - Carl Rove!

She needed a cold blooded VP - voila - Dick Cheney!

9/11 gave them the reason they wanted and planned on - war with Iraq.

Jump a few years down the road and we have middle America buying into "weapons of mass destruction", thus the war, and thus another Vietnam!!!!

Jump a few years further down the road and we have Carl Rove in trouble - major UH DUH - way too much power! Harriet Miers put up for the Supreme Court - give me a break! No end to the war - another UH DUH! Higher gas prices, an entire area of our nation hit by one of the worst disaters ever and compounded by ignorance and non -caring, more government not less, a budget out of control, and an administration hustling to defend itself.

Just as I said years ago that sex would be the undoing of Clinton, I now say that a woman scorned would be the undoing of this president. But, I ask you - blow job vs war? Which one would you pick????

It is heavenly watching the Republicans unravel and unravel from their own doing! We, Democrats, had better just sit back and watch "the cookie crumble". No need for us to do anything at all. The Republicans are becoming masters at their own game - destruction.

And, don't ever, ever discount the power of women!!!!!! Rightly or wrongly, we hold the strings!

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