Sunday, September 11, 2005

Given the blog I wrote several days ago, I am so saddened to read this morning that contracts to rebuild have been given to cronies of the Bush administration - even a subsiduary of Haliburton. That is all I am able to say about that right now - too sad.

Thank you to NFL today for making most of their pre-game show about both disasters - the hurrican and 9/11. Thank you once again to the people of this country - football players, and ex-football players (Terry Bradshaw) who went there to help and give some smiles. A handshake, a laugh, and a hug can do so much.

As we remember all those so in need, let us not forget the victims and families of 9/11 today. Time does not erease the need or the pain.

We have seen a lot these past four years, and to those who might criticize the younger generation (my son's generation) let it be known that my husband and I understand. We know that you have seen, felt, and done a lot. Keep going, keep trying, keep pushing. Your grief will be your gifts one day.

Friday, September 09, 2005

My apologies for typing five years instead of four years in my previous blog when talking about 9/11. Those types of mistakes should not happen. I could offer up all kinds of different excuses, many of them based in truth, but a time such as that deserves more than my sloppiness.
It is September yet again - another glorious September of warm days, cool nights, and soft sunshine. It has never been my favorite time of year for I am a spring/ summer person. September has always meant too many goodbyes - goodbye to husband and kids as back to school they went, goodbye to freedom, goodbye to the burst of flower's color, goodbye freshly mown grass, and bare feet, evening walks, days at the beach, and on and on and on. But, since five years ago on a morning such as this one, September has come to mean a whole different way of looking at goodbyes.

Here we are again, in the early stages of fall, facing another crisis of our nation, fortitude, will, faith, politics, and humanity. Our hearts ache, our beliefs are tested, and our safe little goodbyes of other years become trivial compared to the scope of what we witness from our secure little domiciles. How dare we mourn our losses?

After a week, we have heard just about all there is to hear, seen all we think we can endure. Yet, endure we must, for our emotional upset is miniscule in comparison. We have ranted for or against our political leaders, asked all the questions, and wondered why. We watched a nation rally five years ago. Now we watch individuals rally, and that makes us sad. Praise the human spirit! Praise the American humanitarians! Praise the givers! Praise the will of the sufferers to go on! But, woe to the national spirit. Woe to the rallying cries of our nation. Woe to the leaders who have left us drowning in despair instead of raising us up with a challenge to move forward and to come together. It should not require a bombing or a war to lead that charge. What is a country without its compassion, its unity, and its people? What is a nation without the leadership to take us there?

There are voices in the wilderness and I will share one with you. John Edwards said in an interview on CNN that we have a great opportunity here. We have the opportunity to raise up the people with dignity, pride, and a new future. There are cities to be rebuilt and what greater way to build them than to give those jobs to their citizens. Bring these people back to their home, put them behind a bulldozer or a hammer and saw. Open up the banks, give them an account, and let them rebuild home and life. What a simple concept, and yet one our current leaders can not even begin to understand. Can you imagine what a force this would be? Can you imagine what a model for the nation? Better yet, can you imagine turning poverty and despair into income and hope? What man, woman, or child wouldn't rise up with diginity and pride if given this opportunity?

So, here most of us sit - watching the television hour after hour and then getting on with our lives. Sure, we must get on, and we can not all be the angels in the darkness. But, we can be voices and voices can be heard. We must listen to the voices around us. We must listen to the voice of our leader who said in response to a question posed by the house minority leader - "what went wrong" (damn that one was mind blowing) and then we must listen to the voices of those like John Edwards who offer us a challenge and more importantly - hope!

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