Thursday, May 05, 2005

I have two new favorites - guys I am really enjoying.

The first is Ron Reagan. Oh Chrislarry, don't groan!!!! I get such a kick out of him. Just to watch him take the liberal side on "Coast to Coast" is amazing! What better way to spend your lunch hour than watching him debate the liberal agenda. It feels so damn smug! Years and years of hating his father's politics and here I am watching the son be all caring. Sweet justice! And, he seems like a pretty nice guy too!

My second is Louis Black - love this guy! Saw his stand-up on HBO and cracked up through the whole thing. Now I catch him when I can on the "Daily Show". Used to love Dennis Miller - not any more! Black's rants are so much better - so much more human - so easier to relate to. How great to get a good laugh. Found his pieces on the net from the "Daily Show" and intend to show Chrislarry's dad tonight. We could use a few chucks! And, what is it about guys with the name of Black. Another favorite is Jack Black! Doesn't he remind you of someone near and dear to us all?????

It is nice to have favorites - sort of gets you through when you need a lift and these guys are so much more entertaining than following the Hollywood boredom crowd!

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