Thursday, March 31, 2005

No matter how you feel about the Terry Shaivo case, I think the time has come and should have way before this to shut up! I am sick to death of EVERYONE having an opinion - from lawmakers, to polititians, to religious leaders, to the media, to psychologist, to doctors, to just anyone who feels they have something to say. The reason? Because Terry Shaive had NO say and therein lies the truest indignity. From the start of all of this she has been denied her dignity. Who amongt us would want to see our pictures in such ill health plastered and displayed everywhere? Who amongst us would want to be a martyr? Who amongst us could stand to see our family so torn apart? And now she has died and the talk goes on and on and on. Can she have no dignity in death either? I am not sure how I feel about all of this and I am not even sure I want to know. But, I do know that if it were my child, my spouse that I would want to protect their right to privacy, that I would want to hold them in my arms and rock them home. Sometimes, if not all of the time, a person's life should be mean more than the law, the church, and the family. Has anyone, anyone stopped to think what this poor woman needed? We all know deep down in our hearts don't we? She needed dignity, she needed grace, she needed peace. Sadly that has been denied her and if we must think then let us think about that. It is time to shut up and grieve that for some reason in this country we can never ever let an individual rest.

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