Sunday, January 30, 2005

Well, once in awhile you have to "eat a little crow" and today is one of those days. The elections in Iraq went off pretty good it seems despite our nay saying and serious doubts. If you have to be wrong, it is good to be wrong when other people benefit from something good. Bravo to the Iraqi people for their courage, their stamina, and their dreams.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I guess that once you have been the wife of a combat soldier, you never quite get over that. Sure, you go on with your life and you put it as far back as you can, but it is never far from the surface and it rears its ugly head often over the course of a lifetime. That might mean that you are more vigilant about the safety of your family or more in need to hold them close. For me, it has certainly meant a very strong compassion towards others. Thus, my anger and my disillusionment with this administration and this war. I have heard all the words before - it will take time, peace does not come quickly, we are doing the right thing for freedom, we are protecting our homeland, and on and on and on. And, here I am, lo these many years later asking - what peace did we secure in Vietnam, what homeland did we save, where were these communists that were coming to get us, why did all those men die????? This morning, as I folded clothes with the news on, I learned that 31 more died in a helicopter crash. 31 more families will get the worst news possible tonight. 31 more young people will not live a life filled with family, home, work. 31 times all the people who loved them. 31 for what????? Will we ask these questions again thirty years hence. Do we learn nothing? Will we learn nothing? There is no lonlier feeling in the world than to face war alone. While I do not mean to dishonor any WWII veteran or the families of, I would like you all to understand that that was a different time and a different place. All across America there was support and caring - women held on to one another, families shared the grief. With this war, as was true with Vietnam and most probably Korea, life here in America goes on. We work, we sleep, we watch television, we do our lives with very little of it affecting us. But, somewhere in this country tonight, all of that stops for 31 families and there is no one there to hold them, to understand, to know what this feels like. So, I ask you to remember. If nothing else, remember.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Right on John Kerry and Barbara Boxer!!! They will probably confirm Ms. Rice, but that doesn't mean we have to sit by and let this administration get by without answering the tough questions. Well, OK, she isn't really answering them, but at least they are getting asked.


Saturday, January 15, 2005

I am back and mad again!!! Haven't had time to vent lately, but the time is now. I am just amazed at how we rush through life at such a dizzying speed! There is no time to enjoy one thing before we are on to the next!!! Christmas in October - hell, we haven't even done Halloween yet. Christmas is over, so we are rushing into Valentine's Day! And, lo and behold, while we were out shopping this afternoon, THERE in a store was a full window ready for Easter!!!! My husband said - What happened to Valentine's Day? Oh, said I, we blinked and missed it!!! This is insane! I know the retailers are out to make money (fie on them!), but do we all really have to buy into this insanity. Most stores had empty shelves today as they are getting ready to switch over to spring. We haven't even had our first snow fall yet and bathing suits are going up out on the racks. By the time you get to a holiday you are so sick of it that you could care less. And, really, do you want to buy a valentine heart filled with candy that has been sitting on the shelf since January 5th!!! Life rushes by way too fast anyway, and to give these retailers the satisfaction of buying months before is pure craziness. Could we please just enjoy one thing at a time - even a little ordinary life would feel good!!!!!!


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