Sunday, October 31, 2004

If the Redskins had to lose, this is the week to do it. I will take whatever I can to get Kerry to win. Let's hope the old Redskin's curse holds true. But, wow, made for an interesting Halloween day in this house. On to Tuesday!!!!!!


Thursday, October 21, 2004

When people say that "parenting is the hardest job I have ever done" they are not referring to the 2am feedings, the exhaustion, the car pools, or the lack of time to take a shower. What they truly and deeply mean is all the emotional feelings that come with it - decisions that rest on you, choices that you make being responsible for another life. When children are little those decisions center around the best foods, the best way to potty train, the best toys to buy, etc. Not the "best" in terms of dollars or what all the "experts" are telling you is right, but in what is best for your child. During all of that there are so many precious moments and so many times that you can "kiss and make" their world all better.

Then they start to grow and you unwillingly fling them out into the world. A world where you are not there every minute to guide, to aid, to protect. There is much to deal with in that world, yet you are steadfast in your parenting and you pray that the talks after school, at dinner, or at bed time ARE indeed "making it all better".

And, then they grow more! The problems they face become bigger, grander, harder. And, they stumble. You can not press on the magic "Turtle" band-aid anymore and have it all go away, for it has become more than a stumble off a new two-wheeler. Again, you are left with choices. Do you let them go - finding their own way, or do you reign it in? You have lived longer, you have become wiser, you know what lies out there. So, you dig in your heels and you fight - fight harder than you ever thought possible. Not because you are always right, but because you love so hard that even the yelling, even the nasty looks, even the silent dinners are better than letting this child stumble so far that getting back up takes more than a band-aid. And, you hurt, you hurt so bad that the lump in your throat never quite goes away. Because you remember - you remember that little hand in yours on the way to the playground, you remember the giggles in the bathtub, you remember when you could "make it all better". And, you hope - a hope with every ounce of your being, that you are making the right choices, doing the right things, saying the right words. And, you hope so hard that it aches, hoping that things will come round right again.

A child moves on, on into life and this is how it must and should be. This is what every parent has to encourage. Yet, the parent remains behind - a great deal of life past them now. And, before the actual leaving you want it to be good, but it can't always. For responsible comes before being liked. That is why parenting IS the hardest job one will ever have. Despite it all, it is also the best damn job one will ever have. To give up oneself for another has got to be a job worth taking. But, oh the human being in all of us wants the rewards too. For a parent that means knowing the child wants to come "home" again, that you will always be a safe place, and that they understand, above all else, that they are loved with a love that never falters, never changes, never goes away. And, a "happy to see you" smile is a pretty special reward too! One just has to hang on till it comes.


Monday, October 18, 2004

Please, please, everyone vote! I have a 17 year old that I am so worried about with this war. I know that is selfish, but I just can't do it again, I just can't. I need your vote. I can't give over another one to a war with no answers, a war with no meaning, a war with no reason.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

While I am not a huge baseball fan like some of my fellow bloggers, I must say that Kerry has been hitting a few out of the park and getting himself on more than a few bases (way past 1st anyway). Last night's debate, though it did not rock the park, at least showed Kerry, once again, to be in command of knowledge on many subjects. Isn't that refreshing!!!!! And, while much is made of Bush's common man appeal (I have said several times to my kids - people feel they could eat a bag of peanuts at a ballgame with Bush), that is not what I or anyone else should be looking for in a president. I want dignified, caring, intelligent, and honest. This country is way too caught up in the pap we are fed daily with news of our celebrities. While this can be a pleasant escape at times, it should not be how we elect our leaders. Eat a bag of peanuts at the ball park with Bush if you want to, but give me leadership and integrity in the White House.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I guess we are a very critical family or at least expect way too much. During the debates the oldest son called to say - Cheney is blowing him away! And on IM after the debates, he said much the same thing. During the debate my husband and I kept saying - ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!! And, we even winced a few times as Edwards went back to the same words over and over again. He also totally blew the answer about flip flopping - hell, an average guy taking part in a poll on CNN answered that question better - you must change with the times, make new assessments, rethink your strategies, and if you don't you are just plain stupid!!! And, there sat Cheney - cool, steamy underneath, and zinging away. So, what happens? Immediately it is called a tie and in the papers this morning they are touting Edwards and smashing Cheney. On CNN and MSNBC the viewer polls are way over the top for Edwards and the grading by the commentators is pretty even. Yep, guess we are too critical, but I am not going to apologize for that. We are facing a major election in this country with very critical issues and these men have a lot to answer for and answer to. It is our fervent hope, of course, that Kerry trounces Bush again on Friday night, but wouldn't it be nice to have ALL of them stop spouting their campaign rhetoric and answer the damn question!!!!!!!!


Saturday, October 02, 2004

Well now, Mr. Kerry blew Mr. Bush away on Thursday night! Yeah!!!! We will see what comes next, but it sure was a "pick me up"! Like I said, fight on!!!!!!


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