Thursday, September 30, 2004

Two blogs in one day - wow!

A phone call from my husband this morning confirmed what we both have known but didn't want to admit yet. If you read my blogs you know that my work situation is less than easy and now too with his. Both of these jobs involve situations where control and power are more important than the ultimate goal. How this translates is that winning the battles - petty though they may be - are more important than winning the war. In our case that is the safety, education, and dignity of children. So, instead of seeing the broader good for children we see the fights over playground time, teacher vs teacher, creativity robbed, etc. And why? So one more boss, one more principal, one more co-worker can feel "better than" and in control. But, one need not teach to see this - imagine a hospital situation, the handling of food products, the production of cars, the list is endless - all resulting in poorer quality. And, what is even worse is what this does to the employee. It creates apathy - go to work, do the job, take the money, and leave. Where does that leave society? It leaves it scared, restless, and unsafe. Not good, not good at all. While we refuse to stop the fight for the children, it must be said, however, that a great deal of the heart is gone. How many of us feel that way? How sad that is!

Now, let's consider the world events and our country in particular. When you have a group that sees only power and control as important, the exact same thing happens. A nation becomes brow beaten by retoric until nothing remains but apathy. A perfect time for things to really fall apart. This country has been lucky. We have had a few who have stood up and said no, but that takes a great deal of courage. Do we have the courage it takes? One need only to look at Iraq to see. We win little battle after little battle and yet we lose the war - day after day, death after death. And why? Because power prevented clear thinking, clear planning, and clear goals. Sure, it takes the little battles to win the big ones, but the little battles must have intelligence, forethought, and most of all the loss of ego for the greater good.

I would imagine that Bin Laden is laughing all the way to the next bombing. We gave him a "get out of jail free" card. We ignored the major threat and let our power, our control, and our might lose sight of the wider picture. Where are we now? The polls to me show the beginnings of that apathy. Bush is in the White House - oh well, let him stay there!

I know that most of you who read this blog are younger than I am, so I appeal to you. As surely as "night follows day" you are going to get discouraged in life, you are going to ask yourselves "why bother", you are going to hurt because the greater good is being ignored for the sake of ego and control. But, there is a reason to keep going, keep trying, keep fighting. Find it in the eyes of a child, find it in the suffering of humanity, find it in the checker at your local food store, find it somewhere, anywhere, but find it. And, if your candidate doesn't win, if your boss steps all over the best of yourself, if no one listens or seems to care - fight on. I promise you that we are. Maybe not as good as we would like, maybe not always as bravely as we should, but as long as we work, and as long as a little one needs that special smile we go on. Maybe, just maybe, our little battles will some day win the war, even if only for one life, and hey that makes the fight worthwhile.

People, people, people voting is a MUST!!!!! When President Bush was asked at a news conference held in the rose garden with the acting Prime Minister from Iraq WHY it is that Bin Laden has not been captured his response was - He hides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, if you get a chance, read the article in the Style section of the Washington Post today about the First Family's interview with Dr. Phil. I am no Dr. Phil fan (this country gets fed enough pap from egotists), BUT the total lack of intelligence and the grasp on America's youth by Laura and George will definitely astound. Things like - they bought Barbara a sewing machine when she was younger because they noticed she had good small motor skills and she even used it!!! And, after a long question by Dr. Phil about drugs, alcohol, and oral sex, the President responded by saying that when he was governor of Texas they went after the dead beat dads and took away their hunting and fishing liscenses!!!!!! Sewing machines and hunting liscenses - yep, those are sure fire answers to the problems our youth face.

Voting is a MUST!


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Having a bad start to Fall - not my favorite season anyway - and needing a place to vent.

major plumbing repairs and new tile in bathroom needed - major bucks
working for vipers
sister whose problems are always more important than mine - several times a day
major show production starting and the claws are out everywhere
realization that kiddo isn't going to college next year and better deal with that
hurricanes in Florida - family there
working Saturdays - again!
nothing on the TV or in the movies
dog pees on the rugs
spilled nail polish on my new dance pants
favorite dance spot closed for renovations
flowers are dying and trees are dropping
AND Kerry is down in the polls and I can't stand one more minute of seeing Bush's face

So, how the hell do you get smiling?????????


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I read an article online this morning that said that the kind, caring, dedicated, and thoughtful worker just doesn't get ahead in his/her job!!!! Sadly, I know first hand that this can often be true. I know what it feels like to be shunned because I won't "play the game" - the game of tearing people apart to make oneself feel better or stronger. And, even more sad, I am in a profession where this involves not only employees, but children as well. At the same time it is pretty hard to avoid the news of the latest beheading in Iraq, and I wonder if there isn't some kind of link there. Sure, that is a major stretch for most people, but doesn't it cause us to stop and ponder that if the work place is supposed to be daring, hard, uncaring, and often cruel, that the world is sure to follow? When life becomes only about "me", then surely countries, leaders, etc. follow suit. Or maybe THEY lead us along the same path (think about that when you vote this November!). And, of course, there are always going to be the sicko's of this world be they in the work place or in our communities, or in our world countries. I confess to not being very brave, not one of those who dares to shout, but I can do some of my moral work quietly and sometimes affectively. And, if that leaves me on the outside then so be it. Better to be a small fish than a baracuda. At least that seems the right way to me, and hopefully despite the pain, I make some kind of difference.


Monday, September 13, 2004

Hail to the Redskins - Hail VIC-TOR-Y!!!!!!!!!! What a great feeling - Joe Gibbs baby!!!!!

And, nice wrap up to "Six Feet Under" - cleaned up some ongoing, we don't want to see this go on and on stuff, left a few holes for next season, BUT omg the suicide was mind blowing (no pun intended).

Have a great week everyone!


Thursday, September 09, 2004

My oldest son began his student teaching yesterday and it is quite impossible to not have the mind drift back to when his father did the same thing. It has put me right back mentally into that time in our lives - a time of new beginnings. There was such a sense of excitement that all we had worked towards was finally happening. The ugly past of Vietnam was behind us, two little people entered our lives, and we were about to become homeowners. There was anxiety too - was this the right decision, would he like teaching, could we handle the cut in pay knowing that it was a career choice that would never afford us what most people with that education would have. And, here we are, 30 years later watching this young man turn a new corner of his own. We can sense the apprehension in his tone, even if he will not admit to that, but who among us can not enter into a new situation without some worries and some fears. A revamping of ones life is never easy, though it might be challenging and fun. We try to watch silently from the sidelines, not wanting to interfere as we remember what it felt like to be young and doing it on your own. But, oh the lessons learned are so hard to keep to oneself!

His dad trucked off once again this past week to face yet a new class and new challenges. It is never easy to say goodbye and the days don't have the same sweetness they had just a few weeks ago. With so many teaching years behind us now, the memories float back each September. As dad got ready for work, the little ones would tumble into bed with me, snuggling down for those last few moments of the newness of the day. I loved the sound of little feet running into my room and then the warm bodies from sleep next to mine. The giggles, the talks were oh so precious, as were the kisses goodbye from daddy. Then came their turn for school and it was oh so hard to send them off - gone from my day much too soon. And, so as their dad gets ready for school now and I lie there alone before it is my time to get up, I think of the second son. He is a dad now too and blessed with all that wonderful chaos of getting one to school and the other his sippy cup.

School - it has been such a part of our lives for such a long time and it is coming to a close much quicker than we could have imagined then. Retirement is close at hand, and the last child will graduate this year. There are no worries of our days together when it does come, for life is very good when we share them together. But, come Septembers when there is no little body to hold, no school bus waiting, no teen to rouse for the 10th time, well what will September be like?

I have always believed that life is a circle, circling from parent to parent to parent. With each step our children take we remember what is was, what it felt like, and how it happened. We recall with tender vividness. Godspeed to each one of them - what an incredible journey it is!


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I am heartened today by an article in "The Washington Post" about people flocking to the Russian Embassy in DC to sign the special guest books and to pay their respects to the Russian people. Our leaders may not know the right thing to do, but it is good, so very good to know that the American people do.


Saturday, September 04, 2004

There is not one of us who still does not retain the pain of 9/11. It is impossible to watch or read the news today and not have our hearts go out to the people in Russia for their pain and suffering. It behooves us to remember the great outpouring of support and caring that we, as a nation, received after 9/11. And, it behooves us to give something back NOW! And, far more than a remark from our president stating that this was "another grim reminder" of what terrorism can do. Sorry, we all know what terrorism can do and this is NOT the time to back up your campaign!!!!! We let the horror in Spain slide right by. If we are the caring people of America that we claim to be, then we must do something. We must stand up and say we care - not with bullets or bombs, but with our hearts extended to people who are suffering and in need. We can NOT turn our backs on the children of this world. We can not use them for political gain. Caring does not mean a casual - sorry! Remember those pictures from all around the world of flowers, candles, and tears after 9/11? America does not have the sole right to that love and caring!!!!!!

I have done a little research. I went to the Russian Embassy website and unfortunately there is no place to send an email directly to them. The website however is - www.russianembassy.org.
On that website you will find the International Foundation For Victims of Terror Acts. They are requesting funds so that each child may receive $1,000 to help defray medical costs. You can read all about their organization from a link. The least amount you can send from that site is $50.00. To send less you can mail a check to:

International Foundation For Victims Of Terror Acts
959-A Bristol Pike
Bensalem, Pa 19020

If not a contribution, then please try to find some way to let others of the world know that America does care and has not forgotten!


Friday, September 03, 2004


It seems that Chris is trying to turn me into a spokesperson for whatever!!! Anyway, his idea is to have me write letters to (as I have shared on this blog) and then have all of you cut and past them and send them on. We will see if this works or not! So, if you liked the email I sent to Kerry this morning, send it again in your name to - http://www.johnkerry.com/contact/involved.php

And, Chris, if this doesn't work out right, let me know and we will rework it - the idea, sending, etc.

Hang in there everyone, and let's see if we can get Kerry to FIGHT!!!!

Email to John Kerry via his website:

America is yearning for honesty. Given that it IS time for you to:

Say that you went to Vietnam AND WHY.

Say that you came home to tell the nation that it was wrong AND WHY.

Say how you felt after 9/11, what you did, AND WHY.

Say you voted for the war in Iraq AND WHY.

Say that you voted against the arms bill BUT WHY.

We are informed voters and know the answers to those questions, but NOT all voters do. We are yearning to hear you say the words, defend yourself, and step up to the assaults. Politicians fear repercussions, BUT voters fear the lack of truth. Truth and strength win every time! Stop dancing around these issues and the job is yours!


Thursday, September 02, 2004

I love politics - love it! Can't say I love all politicians, but wow, do I savor the process! And, I love it best when there are great political divides and most of all, things worth making a stand for. So, I not only watched the Democratic convention, but I watch the GOP one as well. People fascinate me, and politians are among the best to watch. I also love to cheer or jeer as the case may be. BUT, last night the TV stayed OFF. One of the most frightening men to have ever been in office is Dick Cheney! Look into those eyes and you see cold steel, watch his body language and you see stiffness, and nothing is more frightening than that flat, cool, unemotional verbage of his. Those are the people to fear. Sure, we get angry over the some of the political pontificating and some of the pundit's jibberish, but as my Dad used to say - beware of the quiet ones. Well, my Dad might be a Republican and we might clash over every political thought ever voiced, but hey the guy makes a good point! So, beware, beware of the quiet ones - they will get ya every time!


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