Thursday, July 22, 2004

Goodbye for awhile.  We are off to the beach for some fun, sun, and relaxation.  Maybe while I am there, my mind will be free to explore some new blog ideas.  Don't forget to enjoy your summer days - get Chris to fire up that new grill and party a night away!


Monday, July 19, 2004

To all you guys out there!  OK, so here is a female rant and if you want to make your lady happy sit up and pay attention.  Please tell me, why, oh why, can't you turn off a light, clothes a closet door, push in a bureau drawer, or put a glass in the sink?  And, why can't you remember where you left your keys, your cap, your wallet, your glasses, your blah, blah, blah?  I have lived in a house full of men for more than half of my life now and I really wish I had even one penny for every time I have walked through this house doing the above mentioned.  Not only is it annoying, but it takes away precious minutes of a day.  Sounds stupid I know, but think about it.  So, when you are wondering why your lady is grumpy, slamming doors, and fuming in the kitchen, just remember this.  And, the best part to remember is by doing those things it shows her that you are not only thinking, but thinking of her.  Yep, I know you do a lot of great things for the lady in your life - so does mine, but wow, guys, it will go a long way in making those Sunday football days a bit easier for you!!!!!


Saturday, July 17, 2004

Bully - interesting word isn't it!  I find myself thinking on that word a lot these past few weeks.  On a smaller scale, I have dealt with that in my working life for a long time now.  While some of the time it fascinates me - what creates that in a person, how does one live with oneself, what makes that cruelty to others so appealing?  Of course, I know many of those answers as when one reaches the middle one has learned a great deal about the psychology of others.  Most of the time I abhor it.  I abhor what it does, abhor the look on faces when it happens, abhor what it does to ones heart and ones soul.  And, on the grander scale, there seems to be a whole lot of bullying going on in the world today.  Maybe it always existed - history would probably tell us so, and yet it seems so plentiful today, especially in our own backyard.  The flip side of bully, I feel, is gentleness.  And there looms the biggest question and one I suppose many have wrestled with.  Does one choose to lose the gentleness in oneself in order to take down the bully?  Tough question and one I have yet to find the answer to.  I do know that I like the most of me.  I treasure the good part of me, the part that refuses to hurt, the part that understands, the part that cares.  Yet, often I feel like the coward in the face of the bully.  But, I do know that I can rally and kick back when the time is right - maybe not with grand words, but my attitude speaks volumes.  And, my quietness is not the same at home, and the family often wonders why.  Not that I live with bullies.  Oh no, they are wonderful souls.  But, within every family disagreements occur - most especially with teens!  So, why do I fight so boldly and bravely then?  The answer is quite simple - because it is, they are, so very important and so well worth the fight.  And, maybe, just maybe that is the vital element to what our lives are and should be about.  The battles must be picked wisely and for the right reasons, and sometimes the bully is just not worth it.  I like the phrase - never let them see you sweat, for it carries a deep meaning.  One need not punch and kick, one only need to stand tall.
I think often of Tony Blair, for I do think there is a gentle soul in there.  And, I do think that he has been bullied and is paying a high price for his gentleness and caring.  I admire how he stands tall and carries on.  I know little about his politics, except that I do think he ranks friendship as a high, that he feels that the world could and should be a gentler place, and that he tries to do the right thing.  I was most touched when he stood beside Bill Clinton and am touched still that he stands by Bush now.  Maybe more touched with Bush for Blair's political life is in upheaval and he must question, in his quiet moments, what this has all meant.  The difference between Blair and Bush, however, is that difference between bully and gentle.  And, the thing that sets Blair apart is that Blair walks in kindness, he walks with understanding, he walks with unselfishness, he walks with a heart desiring to do the right thing and he walks proud.   No hidden agendas on his part, and oh how I admire that.
Bully?  Gentle?  I think I will choose gentle and when the time is right, the cause is right, I will fight on.  Sometimes though, it is good for the soul to rise above, even if the pain sinks down deep.


Sunday, July 11, 2004

whoa! whoa! whoa! there is talk of changing the elections should there be another terrorist attack. does anyone else find this scary? they are already thinking of this???? why, to give the bush/cheney ticket more time? so bush, should there be an attack, can pretend to be the hero of the day again? scary stuff people! scary stuff!!!


Sunday, July 04, 2004

as i open the back gate to let the dogs out, i pass by my hostas growing strong now in the summer morning light. they are in bloom - tall, graceful stalks of purple belled flowers. as the flowers prepare to open they form a tight little bud filled with just enough air to make a popping sound if you squeeze them at just the right time. my mother had these amazing plants outside our back door when i was growing up. every day when we ran out to play we would pop a few as we went by - never worrying if it damaged the flower - just loving that that pop meant summer. i stand at my back gate now, fingers itching to make that sound. do i risk the flower not opening? should i do just one? maybe two? is anyone watching me? can't resist. yes, there it is, that sound, that shining moment that summer has begun. and just for a moment, the wrist, the work, the worries vanish and i am that little girl again playing in the summer garden.

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