Saturday, May 01, 2004

I always marvel at how one moment of care can lift a life, ease the pain, bring a smile, or light the way. I am equally amazed how the lack thereof can lower resistance, make things dark, create ill will, and bring on the cold. But, what amazes me the most is how so many people demand the care and choose not to give it, require the attention yet refuse to exchange it, and spread their need and don't recognize it in others. Love requires diligence. Love requires sacrifice. Love requires reaching out. Anything less falls short. And, falling short is simply not acceptable and if it is acceptable, then one can expect to live a life of lonliness. For after awhile, the care falls away - not because people give in order to get, but because love should never flow one way and the pain of not having it returned becomes just too painful. If we are not put on this earth to reach out, to aid, to carry out the goodness, what are we here for? It is said that "men lead lives of quiet desperation". Well, maybe, just maybe they put themselves there!!!!!

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